Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs

I found this recipe on Pinterest for slow cooker BBQ ribs.  I have never cooked Ribs before.  My dad did all the time growing up but I have never ventured it.  I figured a slow cooker rib recipe might be right up my ally!!! I made beef ribs because my hubby wont eat pork, but I would recommend pork if you like pork ribs.  Baby back are my favorite.  But I made St. Louis style beef ribs and they were excellent!  Super easy too - low maintenance.  I worked from home Monday and these babies cooked all day while I worked.  5 o'clock came and dinner was ready and tasted marvelous! 

These are Gluten Free.  Make sure to read your labels on your BBQ sauce to ensure no wheat.  Sauces that contain Carmel coloring sometimes contain Gluten.  There is a BBQ sauce out there that I recommend that is 100% Gluten Free.  It's called Sweet Baby Ray's.  Yummy sauce but check this site for a list of their different sauces and ingredients:

Enjoy these ribs - these are excellent for a summer meal :)

1.5 tbsp sweet paprika
2 tbsp light brown sugar
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper (optional)
Salt and Pepper to taste
2lbs ribs (you can do beef or baby backs) - leave the membranes on the ribs to help hold them together
2 cups BBQ sauce

In a small bowl, mix together paprika, brown sugar, cayenne and salt and pepper.  Rub this mixture all over both sides of your ribs well.  Arrange ribs in the slow cooker by standing them up against the wall of the stoneware pot, thicker side down and meaty side against the pot.  Pour BBQ sauce over the ribs.  Cover and cook for 6-8 hrs on low (7 hours worked perfect for me).

After the ribs are done, you will need to brush them with fresh BBQ sauce and broil them in the oven to crisp them up a bit. Make sure the bones side is up.  Broil them for about 5 min on each side brushing fresh BBQ sauce on them at each turn.  Be careful when you turn them because they are super tender and will fall off the bone.  It's ok that they fall off the bone - they are still yummy.

You are then ready to chow down!  I made potato salad, baked beans and broccoli with mine!  Enjoy :)

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