Saturday, May 26, 2012

Orange Walnut Salad with Sweet & Sour Dressing

It's summertime!!  And it's hot here in Phoenix, AZ!  Well, not today actually.  We went from 110 last week to 89 today and it's supposed to stay cool this entire Memorial Day weekend!  I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend and is planning to grill or BBQ or cook it up and spend time with loved ones!

This recipe is from Paula Dean.  It's a great summer salad and it's light.  I just love it.  I haven't made this on in awhile so I copied the picture of the salad from Mrs Paula Dean's site...she probably wont mind since I'm quoting this picture is hers :)

This one is Gluten Free and Dairy Free.  And - you get to make your own dressing with this one!  Enjoy - this one is tasty :)

Salad Ingredients:

 3 heads small Bibb Lettuce
1 1/2 lbs fresh spinach
3 oranges, peeled and into bite size pieces
3/4 med red onion - sliced into thin rings
3/4 cups chopped walnuts
3 tsp butter

Dressing Ingredients:

1 1/2 cups olive oil
3/4 cup vinegar
3/4 cup sugar
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp celery seed
1 1/2 tsp dry mustard
1 1/2 tsp paprika
1 1/2 tsp grated onion

Directions for Dressing:
Combine all ingredients in a jar and shake well and chill for 2-3 hours. 

Directions for Salad:

Combine lettuce, spinach, orange and onion in a large bowl.  In a saucepan, saute walnuts in butter until lightly browned.  Add to lettuce - toss with sweet and sour dressing.

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