Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blog Sites, Pinterest and more Recipes

Some of the best places to get recipes are on Pinterest and on other's blog pages.  I just found some really cool sites and blogs that I wanted to share. - I found a really good recipe there for an Autumn Chopped Salad I'm going to try this week. - I found a recipe for roasted green beans with mushrooms, Balsamic and Parmesean - I found a recipe for Penne with Roasted asparagus - this chick cooked a recipe every single day for a year in nothing but a crock pot.  You crock pot lovers need to check out her site. - I found a recipe for a cucumber peanut salad - I'm trying a Cilantro-Garlic Sirloin with zesty corn from this one.

There are A LOT of cool blogs out there!  Happy searching and share some cool sites with me if you run across them!!

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  1. I also have an account in Pinterest. Indeed, I enjoyed posting different healthy ideas such as healthy food recipes and more.